Everybody needs someone to talk to at some point in life. Life is full of transitions, people changing and unexpected challenges. I want to offer you the opportunity to talk things over with a professional counselor who has years of varied experience. I can help you sort things out in a comfortable and compassionate setting. Some areas I have helped people navigate are:

  • the pain of depression, anxiety or stress
  • career and life transitions, including marriage/re-marriage
  • loss of a loved one, including beloved pets
  • spiritual issues
  • relationship dissatisfaction, separation, divorce
  • singles coaching
  • unexpected life events, such as a health crisis, loss of a job, trauma
  • disappointment in how life is going
  • concerns about senior parents or adult children
  • personal growth

I am a skilled, licensed, experienced Clinical Pastoral Counselor. I dedicate myself to working with adults and couples, facilitating connections to help you REDISCOVER your own inner wisdom and help YOU find the way forward toward greater emotional fulfillment in work, love and play. While treatment can be difficult at times, the benefits to your sense of well being, relationships, and vocational life make it worth the journey. You are also likely to gain skills and resilience that you can draw upon when facing other challenges in the future. Read more about my approach »

If you’re looking for extra support and you are ready to take control of your life’s new direction, call or email me today so we can begin your new journey. I look forward to hearing from you.